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                                Qingdao shunchang food co. LTD

                                    Founded in 1991, the company has been focusing on the cultivation, detection, production, refrigeration and sales of frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen dumplings, chili products, nutritional pasta products, aquatic products and other food products for more than 30 years, forming a complete and efficient food production and processing industry chain. The products are sold all over the world, and have been sold to dozens of countries in Asia, Europe and the United States, especially in Japan, which has established stable cooperative relations with several listed companies for decades. The company continuously improves product quality and management level. The honors successively obtained include: one of the first batch of 27 enterprises exporting spinach to Japan approved by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China and recorded by the Ministry of health, labor and industry of Japan, one of the first batch of eight enterprises exporting frozen spinach to Japan for chlorpyrifos pesticide exemption project, which was rated as the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Shandong Province, high-tech enterprise and food production in "Shian Shandong" The processing demonstration enterprise, Shandong food hygiene credit grade a enterprise, Qingdao advanced unit of safety production, won the honorary titles of Qingdao import and export credit enterprise, Jiaozhou love enterprise and Qingdao famous brand products.

                                Xi mannian brand

                                    In order to let people eat safe and healthy nutritious food, the company started to organize a team to research and develop quick-frozen dumplings, seafood spicy sauce, nutritious pasta products and other products in 2012. After tens of thousands of tests, the company independently developed more than ten kinds of quick-frozen dumplings, seafood spicy sauce and nutritious pasta products. In 2014, "Happy New Year" brand was founded successfully, and has been awarded the honorary titles of "Qingdao famous brand" products, "China famous snacks", "Shandong famous food" and so on.

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                                Export vegetables series

                                Export vegetables series

                                Export vegetables series

                                Export vegetables series

                                Ximanian series products

                                News and information

                                Jiaozhou city leaders took the lead in reviving the catering industry, to shun Chang Food Happy New Year dumplings restaurant dining.

                                3.19 day morning in shun cheong food like dumplings filled with years experience hall saw the familiar figure, accelerate the "reset" to help the city catering services, return to normal production and living order, vice mayor Li Baoshuai and market supervision bureau, business bureau and other departments responsible comrades into the catering enterprises, leading the point of consumption, showing the unit support to promote food safety to resume operation in order to return to work.

                                "Live Jiaozhou to help" four into "Shandong Radio and Television large-scale live activities into Shunchang

                                On March 27, by the province provincial party committee propaganda department working group and Qingdao in shandong broadcast television jointly organized the "live jiaozhou, power" into four ": shandong broadcast television large combines the activities of public broadcast media" in the morning 9:30 in the jiaodong shun cheong street food co., LTD., switched on, through the lightning news APP, 51 listen to APP live platform and network media to broadcast live, all the 4 hours of live, more than 490000 hits.

                                Shun Chang Food has the title of "Happy New Year", the world film Capital of 2020 "Happy New Year" Film Spring Festival Gala

                                On January 20, from Qingdao culture and tourism, Qingdao federation of literature and art, the Qingdao radio and television guidance, Qingdao micro film association, the Qingdao spirit valley YingShiJu, Qingdao television, film and television channel and total named unit jointly organized by Qingdao shun cheong food co., LTD., south district party committee propaganda department, the districts culture and tourism, districts federation of literature and art special support, Qingdao yellow sea film co., LTD and Qingdao film distribution on the company to undertake the first "of the movie" 2020 xi full film Spring Festival evening party television movie theater successfully held in Qingdao. The party was recorded by Qingdao TV station and will be broadcast on the TV channel of Qingdao TV Station.